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At the turn of the millennium a business could get away with not having a presence on the internet and still turn a heavy profit. In the opening years of the 2000’s businesses could pass on search engine optimization and through clever/unscrupulous tactics as well as dumb luck could still get push their websites to the top of Google’s rankings. More to the point, businesses didn’t need a presence on social media platforms until recently despite them having taken the world by storm nearly a decade ago.

In today’s modern and highly competitive marketplace however, utilizing social media to not only build a presence online but interact directly with existing and potential customers is a must. It’s importance in that regard can not be understated. Social media platforms are tools that businesses, big and small, can and will need to use to great effect if they want to be successful in their endeavors. In order to maximize their online potential and increase turnover businesses will need to not only interact with their customers through social media websites but they will also need to use it for advertising. Businesses can inform their customers of important changes to services, post commercials, announce sales discounts, and even provide customer/tech support. While a great many business owners do indeed make use of sites like Facebook or even Twitter on a fairly regular basis the majority aren’t aware of the behind the scenes value social media has.

Valuable Back Links

When a business hires a firm to handle their online marketing they often do so without realizing just how important it is to run a social media management and/or marketing campaign along side their standard SEO service. The general thought is “Hey, I’ve got that part covered” though business owners often rethink their position when their marketing expert explains to them the nuances of using social media to drive additional traffic to their websites. Using social media platforms in this regard is alien to nearly everyone outside of the search engine optimization industry.

Viral Marketing

A business can do a lot for its customers via social media interactions but it’s also a fantastic place to launch viral marketing campaigns. SEO firms can assist businesses in not only launching and managing such a thing but can also help develop one that both represents a specific brand and reaches a specific audience. Viral marketing campaigns are designed from the ground up to be very conspicuous; so much so that word of mouth spreads quickly and grows intense interest in a specific product or service. When these types of marketing campaigns are run on social media it only bolsters the attention they get. The number of views goes up, more people become interested in a business, all because more people see it. In the era of the mobile device the internet is with us wherever we go. People tend to spend a great of money on devices just so that they can stay connected with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etcetera all day long. Through viral marketing campaigns on social media websites businesses can drive more traffic to their website than ever before.

Be There Or Be Square

While it’s certainly true that all businesses should hire a firm to manage their social media presences, social media does more for some businesses than it does for others, at least on the front end. A professional carpet cleaner for example may not get as much from social media marketing as say a baker who sells their goods online. While the opportunity to engage your audience differs from business to business, even the carpet cleaner can have their online marketing specialists drive additional traffic from their social media profiles to their websites. No matter how a business chooses to view social media it’s double sided impact on turnover and reputation can not be emphasized enough.

Flying Solo?

There are those businesses that simply don’t have the budget for a social media campaign nor management. There are also those business owners whom prefer to go it alone. Until they are able to afford social media marketing services such businesses and persons can do a lot to boost their social media profiles and eve  social media campaign nor management. There are also those business owners whom prefer to go it alo n drive a little more traffic to their websites in the interim.

  • Be Proactive – Social media is infamous for its reactive nature and while business owners will need to react to customers and a variety of queries, they’ll want to proactive when it comes to using these platforms. Not only should business owners post often but their posts should be interesting and varied. Engaging and ensnaring your audience is the goal here so post things not only about products and services but give tips, observe holidays, and be inclusive in posts. Nothing generates consumer apathy and makes them forget a business faster than social media inactivity.
  • All Business And No Play – Even the most ardent of soldiers gets a day off here and there and so business owners should mix things up on their social media profiles from time to time. Pictures and videos showing employees having some fun, holiday greetings, some light humor, etc. is often very endearing to people and it can make a company look like it has heart. This builds confidence in both potential and existing customers.
  • Neutrality Is A Profitable Thing – Political views and agendas are everywhere on social media these days. As a business owner you’ll want your brand to remain neutral in all things political. A business benefits greatly from staying focused on the prize when on social media. Even when a post isn’t necessarily about business, it should never give anyone the impression a company is promoting nor supporting a specific agenda or ideology. Criticism is harsh, swift, and often damning in today’s social media environment and the wrong post can seriously damage a business’ reputation.
  • #UseHashTags – Hashtags have long been synonymous with Twitter but they’ve been adopted by almost all other social media platforms due to their immense popularity. Hashtags are a word or combination of words with a “#” in from of them. Social media users can search for very specific things with hashtags and when a business includes them in their posts those posts have a strong chance of being found by people interested in that word or phrase. Business owners can utilize as many hashtags as they like in a post though more than 1 or 2 can make activity look like spam and less credible than it probably is.
  • Link To Your Website – When a business posts anything on social media there should be a link back to one of said business’ web pages. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the home page but instead can go directly to a specific product’s page or even an about or special promotional page that pumps a new product. Business owners should make good and frequent use of links in their social media activity but be sure to post no more than one link at a time.

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