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Online marketing is, at least in part, the process by which a website is programmed and dressed up so as to be as attractive as possible to search engines. The ultimate goal of any online marketing campaign is to see a website appear prominently in search engines and above its competitors website as well. Every online marketing campaign is handled differently at Next Evolution Online though all have several things in common. All marketing campaigns begin with a website and competitor analysis. From here our marketing specialists can begin addressing very specific needs of a website. These processes continue for the duration of a campaign in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The second part of an Riverside SEO campaign involves ensuring a website is and remains attractive, user friendly, and enticing. Sometimes this involves a website re-design, other times just small tweaks. The goal here being a higher turn over rate for our clients. Our team of marketing professionals continually reevaluates websites to ensure that they modern, efficient, and functional.

The Benefits of Riverside SEO

Advertising or the marketing of a business is one of the most overlooked yet important facets of running a successful operation. Many businesses don't even realize the important of marketing or advertising, especially online, until their business takes a hit or they realize that their influx of clients has bottlenecked. When a business hits this wall many owners and managers scramble and spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what their next move will be. Many look into and eventually settle on traditional advertising in magazines, newspapers, free ads, etc.

While it's certainly smart for business to advertise in the analogue or the traditional sense if you will, online marketing or SEO is the best way to expose a business, it's products/services, and its website to a much larger and further reaching audience. Search Engine Optimization is the process by which an online marketing team makes a business' website more attractive to search engines. Over time this ongoing process moves a website up in the rankings which in turn results in more traffic and eventually a higher turnover rate.

SEO does several important things for a business. These are as follows:

Increases Local Exposure: It's a common misconception that a business need only to launch a website and voila, the patronage starts piling up. To be perfectly frank, if it really were that simple, there would be no SEO industry and no need to market a website online period. In reality, a business can launch their website without any SEO support behind it and it may or may not receive business from those searching for their products and/or services. In the vast majority of cases however, spending the money on a website while forgoing a marketing campaign is essentially throwing money out the window. Seldom do local persons searching for something online find neighborhood sites unless there is an inbound marketing strategy attached to them. Search Engine Optimization ensures that local online businesses/websites are not only found by people living within the cities they operate out of but that they dominate search engine results as well. Additionally SEO gets local businesses and their websites ranked in Google Maps/Local which is of great importance. Once a business begins appearing in Google Maps persons on the go and at home will find them very easily and well before their competition. This increased local exposure is invaluable to small and independent businesses as it bolsters their influx of customers and helps them establish a strong presence online.

Increases National And Global Exposure: Businesses that have secured and conquered their local online markets often see national and international markets as the next natural step in the evolution of their business. Gaining and maintaining a national audience however can be arduous for any business and Search Engine Optimization is the only way these entities can reach this lofty goal. Aiming for the “Big Dog” as it's known in SEO circles takes a great deal more money and time than does marketing locally but the rewards for capturing the top spots in search engines nationally or world wide are truly special and naturally take businesses to that proverbial “next level.” Online marketing campaigns that focus on the bigger picture function much in the same manner as do their local brethren but on a much grander scale. In a nutshell this means, more content, more links, perhaps a re-designed website, more blogging...more of everything. Websites backed by quality national and international search engine optimization campaigns have the highest numbers in terms of rankings, traffic, and turnover.

New Customers, More Customers: In a best case scenario, websites not backed by SEO will be visited only by those whom know of their existence, meaning the people who own them. In a worst case and more typical scenario a business' website won't rank in search engines and no one will find it. A semi-successful SEO campaign ensures that at least a small but respectable number of people will find a business' website and a successful one will expose a website to everyone searching for a specific product or service. By ranking on page one in the search engines, a website and it's affiliated business have the potential to not only be seen by everyone but generally have a much higher turnover rate as well. A stagnant business that runs an online marketing campaign for 6 months for example will find that their website is attracting both a greater number of customers as well as new ones. This is virtually impossible to accomplish without a marketing firm working behind the scenes to drive a website up through search engine rankings.

Legitimizes A Business: Websites without any type of marketing backing them up almost always rank poorly and may not even rank in a search engine at all. One of the most important aspects of business is the first impression and when a website ranks poorly it can give potential customers the impression that its products and services aren't that good or that the business it represents isn't to be taken seriously. By boosting a websites standing in search engines, SEO gives credence to a business and can instill confidence in both existing and potential customers.

Who Needs Riverside SEO?

The short answer to this question is “nearly everyone with a website”. The long answer is much more nuanced however. The businesses that are going to need SEO the most are those with high levels of online competition and those operating in saturated or over saturated markets. Businesses who offer products and services that are in high demand both locally and nationally will also benefit greatly from working with an SEO firm. More to the point, new businesses and those that have recently launched or plan to launch a website will find tremendous value in online marketing. There are some very rare exceptions where a business won't benefit from SEO simply because they either have no online competition or no one is looking for their products/services but again, these businesses are the very rare exception and not the rule.

Business owners that aren't content in wallowing in digital obscurity and want their business to be something more will find that SEO suits them nicely. It matters not if their business is small, a sole proprietorship, an business founded before the invention of the internet, or is already doing solid business. Advertising online can only ever help a business grow and expand.

What is the SEO Process?

The SEO process is a fairly detailed and lengthy one. It's also one that can be overwhelming and confusing to laypersons. In order to help both our clients and prospective clients understand the SEO process we'll talk about the various things that happen in every online marketing campaign.

  • Keyword Research – The first step in the SEO process will have your marketing specialist or team looking into what words and phrases consumers are utilizing when they go searching for your products/services online. This research also extends to your competitors websites as well. In order to be competitive online your keywords will need to be on par or better than theirs. Keywords are important because they're sprinkled throughout the content on your website, your blogs, and the coding of your website.

  • Keyword Selection - After keyword research has been completed we formulate a plan of attack based on our findings and select keywords and phrases that will be the most effective in driving traffic to your website. These keywords tell search engines what your website is all about which is the first step in achieving better rankings.

  • Content Creation – In the world of SEO, content is most assuredly king and so we create a lot of it for our clients. From website content, to blogs, and even press releases, we do it all. This process starts with an interview. In speaking with our clients we learn a great deal about both their business and themselves. This education allows our copywriters to craft content that best represents a specific business, it's owners, their mission statement, and of course content that search engines will love and result in better rankings.

  • Onsite Optimization – Onsite optimization is industry jargon for what is basically the promoting of the individual pages within your website. All too often too great an emphasis is placed on a website's homepage which leaves just that one page to fight for rankings. Onsite optimization ensures that all pages within a website can be found by both search engines and potential customers. An SEO campaign without onsite optimization is more or less...a waste of time. These websites are penalized and ranked poorly as a result of neglected interior pages. We make sure these pages have adequate content, calls to action, are utilizing proper keywords, and are on par with the homepage in terms of overall quality.

  • Backlinking – Backlinking is the process by where we get popular websites to link back to yours. When these high profile websites create links to your website it sends a signal to the search engines that your website is growing up, that its credibility has increased. This in turn leads to better rankings over time. Backlinks are requested via content submission, PBN, Web 2.0, EDU & Wiki Links.

  • Social Signals – In this, the age of Social Media, having a presence across the various social networks is incredibly important. It's also vital that links from these platforms go directly to your website. These links or social signals can dramatically boost rankings and add credibility to a website/business. Our Social Media experts work tirelessly to secure these social signals and to add weight to your social media presence.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The costs associated with SEO vary from firm to firm and from customer to customer. Typically speaking and as is the case with us, marketing firms offer tiered services or packages to their clients. The less inexpensive packages are effective over greater lengths of time and are designed for businesses without much online competition and those working with small or tight budgets. Conversely, the mid-level and most expensive packages are for those businesses that can afford to be aggressive or want results in a shorter span of time. These types of packages are also the only effective option for those operating in over saturated and highly competitive industries.

While the following is list of the standard packages we offer, we can create custom packages for businesses with needs that fall outside of or in between those that we offer.

Essentials Package - $550.00
Essentials Plus Package - $850.00
Premium Package - $1250.00

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