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Spending top dollar on the ultimate website will undoubtedly get you a fantastic looking website and while that may dazzle some of your visitors it's unlikely that search engines will praise your site the way your visitors do. In today's overcrowded online world having a fancy website no longer guarantees success. In fact websites with no online marketing campaign generally die a speedy, quiet, and unnoticed cyber death leaving their owners befuddled and with a general disdain for online business simply because no one was able to find your website through any search engines.

To keep a site from suffering a similar fate you must be prepared to aggressively market your site through the process of search engine optimization. A website must now not just look good but must also be seeded with keywords and phrases that will garner the attention of search engines. Through careful research and analysis of your online competition I will create content and code for your website that is friendly to both readers and search engines. In turn this allows more people to find your website when searching for the products and services you offer.

As with web design services I also believe in affordable search engine optimization. As with all large companies offering search engine optimization services, you're not only paying for the service but are paying for that companies overhead costs. As an individual with no overhead to be concerned with, my services are far more affordable, honest, and deliver everything my corporate counterparts do and then some.

We offer search engine optimization and seo services to clients whose budgets are both ostentatious and humble and strive to make every website I optimize successful. Rather than trying to push a search engine optimization service that you don't need, my focus when optimizing any site is its performance and success within the search engines. When a website looks great, is easy to use, and is optimized properly success almost always follows and owners will quickly see traffic and sales numbers increase sharply.

As an Orange County search engine optimization specialist with over ten years experience my goal is to procure the top search engine results for all of my clients through vigilant research, maintenance, and constant competitor assessments.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of strategically placing keywords and phrases into the content and coding of your website so that your website is more easily found in search engines. Optimization can also include the creation of calls to action which are essentially eye catching text, images, and other types of media designed to draw the attention of both visitors and search engines. Search engine optimization is essentially a key ingredient in the recipe for any successful online venture, without which, very few, if any people will ever see your website.

What search engine optimization is not?

Web site search engine optimization does not guarantee success but rather is an additional tool used to achieve online success. Search engine optimization is not a process that yields immediate results. Any optimization that is done is typically not indexed by search engines for several months for no other reason than your site will be but one of thousands that they see daily. Anyone considering a foray into the online marketing world should be prepared to follow through with the campaign, have patience, and should be ready to seriously compete with his/her online opposition.